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What is Dark Labs?

Dark Labs is an exclusive organization containing some of the highest-level individuals on the internet and in real life, with a focus on high-tier networking, IRL masterminds, and member concierge.

Every single member of Dark Labs has been carefully selected through an application process, video interview, or questioning process. The entire members list is also available to the public, allowing you to see who is inside from the start.

Origins of Dark Labs

Dark Labs will have a deep focus on long-term investing, self improvement, and wealth preservation.

Our goal is to bring together the best individuals in all sectors of the world into one exclusive organization to empower them with knowledge, freedom, and an unparalleled network. We want to be the reason why business owners, veteran builders, and entrepreneurs are able to scale their access and network on a global scale. Leading the charge, Ameer Hussain (doxxed) is the founder. Ameer has over 1 ½ years of experience in running successful web3 companies and is a veteran in the exclusive group niche. He formerly worked at 2 different tech companies ranging from 8-9 figures yearly. Ameer now owns three web3 based companies: Dark Echelon, OPN, and now Dark Labs.

Member Benefits/Utility

The benefits, or as some would like to call them, "utility," of Dark Labs will be sectioned into a couple different main categories:

- Instant networking access: Get connected to the individuals in Dark Labs instantly. Meet all the other members in our discord and in our frequent Educational group calls.

- Member concierge: We will be partnering with a concierge company (utility not active yet) to give members real-world concierge services to save time and money on travel, restaurants, experiences, and high ticket items (Watches, cars, first class flights, ect.).

- IRL mastermind/Networking events: we will be hosting a few events a year worldwide in select locations for members to get together and network on a more personal, face-to-face level. We will also have speakers at these events going over the newest investing opportunities, health education, and life hacks.

- The inner circle: Own 5 or more Dark Labs tokens and get access to the inner circle group chat and private worldwide meetups. Learn how to navigate the dark web, obtain different identities, have physical safespot locations, and access other private information.

- Dark Portal: A storage platform holding all of Dark Labs’ private content, including courses, private podcasts, and more.


What is the Total Supply of Dark Labs?

The total maximum supply will be 875 tokens for Dark Labs

What is the Mint Price of a Dark Labs Lifetime Membership?

The mint price will be 1 ETH per token, there will also be an option to purchase via credit or debit card.

How Many Tokens Can I Mint?

You will be able to mint either 1 or 4 Dark Labs Tokens, nothing in between.

Is this A Lifetime Membership?

Yes, there will be no renewal fees.

How many Tokens Do I need to Access the Inner Circle?

You need 5 Dark Labs Tokens to access the Inner Circle.